Take 25% off of the beloved RPG for a limited time.

Square Enix just released NEO: The Worlds Ends with You today on Steam. Though I've never played it myself, I hear a lot of people really like this action-RPG, so they're probably pretty excited to pick this one up today. For those that are eager to pick up the game ASAP, you can enjoy a 25% discount from now through October 25 at 9AM (PT).

NEO: The World Ends with You is a follow-up to the previous action-RPG named The World Ends with You. Players take to the streets of Tokyo as they attempt to survive a series of deadly trials known as the "Reapers' Game." You will play as Rindo and meet up with a unique cast of characters who mast join forces while exploring the city of Tokyo, solve mysteries, and trying not to die.

Those that purchase NEO: The World Ends with You on PC will get in-game bonuses such as the Legendary Threads Set and Reapers' Game Survival Set. More details on those items can be found below.

NEO: The World Ends with You was released in 2021 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store.

The Legendary Threads Set contains five pieces of equipment, each with a unique bonus:
  • Legendary Headphones – Drastically increases enemies’ item drop rates
  • Legendary Tank Top – Greatly increases the user’s Attack power
  • Legendary Shorts – Shortens the wearer’s knocked down time
  • Legendary Sneakers – Increases movement speed during combat
  • Legendary Music Player – Enormously increases HP

The Reapers’ Game Survival Set contains a variety of additional in-game items:
  • Pin: UFO Rescue - Hold the button to slowly restore your team's HP
  • Threads: Virupaksa Hoodie - Greatly increases HP
  • CD: Twister (NEO Mix) - Adds this song as a main menu music option

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