With endless possibilities in Minecraft, it’s perfectly natural to find yourself wondering what to build next. While glorious inspirations may strike from time to time, the AHA moment isn’t always on tap. Still, it’s fun to tinker, so it may be time to play with your minecraft banner maker and tackle a few “basic” projects to see what you can do with them. Can you create the space everyone wants to know about? Just challenging yourself? Get started with these ideas.

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1. Your House

Are You still living in a box? Get moving! In Minecraft, you can let your imagination go. What kind of Minecraft house would you most like to live in? What style of architecture do you most admire? While resources may be limiting, it’s worth turning your house into an ongoing project. But there are competing priorities. Which will you choose?

2. Your Castle

It’s big, and it’s beautiful! Be ready to do some serious planning. The floorplan and perimeter wall come first. Now for some ramparts, flying buttresses, moats, and other architectural details. It’s not as challenging as it may sound, and your unique result will be a matter of personal pride.

3. Why Leave The Trees in the First Place?

If you’re in a jungle biome, why leave the trees in the first place? From basic treehouses to interconnected arboreal cities, your architectural adventures can go sigh high. Fun to design and build? You bet! Plan ahead to get the best results you’re capable of.

4. Copy a Famous Landmark

Would you like to build the Eiffel Tower? The Leaning Tower of Pisa? London Bridge? You’ve got a project! Awaken your inner engineer, and think this through before you commit - a good replica is going to take some time. Nevertheless, Minecraft is all about design, so take on the challenge!

5. Add Gardens and Fountains

Minecraft spaces can be incredibly intricate. While you might not feel equal to building a city without collaborators to help you, adding some finesse to your landscapes makes for a creative project. Will you emulate Versailles or create your own fantasy? As with all things Minecraft, that’s up to you.

6. Get An Aquarium

Whether it’s a wall of your house or a building of its own, aquarium design offers you a lot of creative scope in Minecraft. Challenge yourself to meet and catch new fish to add to your collection. Turn yourself into a James Bond villain complete with shark tanks, ot simply display the mysteries of the deep.

7. Go Out the Box With Pixel Art

Create a painting. Place an unexpected character in your landscapes. Just have fun. Ok, so expect it to be blocky and pixelated - but you can use that to your advantage. Think “Space Invaders;” try for a representation of your favorite anime characters; go for whatever quirky notion you may fancy. Just go bananas.

Still The Most Customizable Game Out There

If you thought Minecraft was ancient history, think again. Build what you want. Get as competitive as you like. Minecraft leaves you in control, and that’s probably the biggest reason why it’s still a game that attracts passionate followers. Play it your way!