It's the start of the month of October 2022, which means it's time for a new poll of the month! This might be the first time I'm actually on the ball with getting the POTM up on the first, but it's only because I've been thinking about this one ahead of time already.

As it's October, that means one of a few things: Tree leaves are starting to change color, pumpkin spice comes out of hibernation to be added to all the things, and horror games are very much en vogue.

That begs the question then: Do you have a favorite horror game or series that you like to replay at or near Halloween? Perhaps you like to go back to the Dead Space games, or maybe it's a particular Silent Hill game that gets your horror motor running. Alternatively, maybe you just play a random assortment of horror games, a mix of new and old ones.

Feel free to cast your vote in the poll and post below what your favorite go-to horror games are or what your horror gaming plans may be, if any, for this spooky season.

Note: I've made the poll multiple choice so you can choose more than one option if it applies to you.