Streamers and fans are calling for a boycott against MUT pack purchases.
Madden NFL 23

A story from Polygon sheds light on what fans and streamers for Madden NFL 23 are calling a "Pack Strike." Through the power of social media and Twitch, the hashtag #PACKSTRIKE started to gain momentum earlier this week. It began when the biggest Madden streamers and "influencers" said that they are not going to purchase premium currency for use in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

Their complaint is that the odds on drawing desirable items from Ultimate Team packs (essentially loot boxes) are incredibly low. As a secondary complaint, they are also kind of upset over the gameplay in Madden as well. On Tuesday, Madden streamer Zirksee put up a tweet that made some "demands" of Electronic Arts on what needs to change.

In short, the "influencers" and fans say that they aren't getting a reasonable value out of the more expensive bundle deals. They also say that they aren't getting worthwhile re-rolls on cards and want improvements there to make re-rolls actually worthwhile.

The idea that gamblers are upset over the gambling odds not favoring them and demanding that the company make the pay to win more favorable is... well, it's certainly a take.

Allegedly, thousands of Madden NFL Ultimate Team fans have joined in on the boycott, so they claim. They are, supposedly, not purchasing any additional microtransactions until their demands are met.