MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Cost Revealed


  • MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Cost Revealed

    50 tiers of unlocks await you in the first season of content.

    MultiVersus is currently enjoying a healthy open beta phase, but the first season of content is just around the corner. With about a week to go before the game is "out" and no longer considered a beta, developer Player First Games and publisher Warner Bros. Games, offered fans the first details on what to expect in the game's first official season.

    MultiVersus director Tony Huynh shared the first details by way of a Twitter reply to a fan. The Season 1 Battle Pass for MultiVersus will, according to Huynh, cost 950 Gleamium (a paid in-game currency) and will offer 50 tiers of unlockables. For reference, 1,000 Gleamium will run you $9.99 (USD), meaning that this upcoming Battle Pass will be about $9.50 when converted to real-world currency.

    The ongoing Pre-season Battle Pass runs until the start of Season 1 on August 9. This pre-season pass is only 300 Gleamium, but features just 15 tiers of unlockables. The unlockables in this pre-season pass include things like character skins, profile icons, bonus XP, coins, and other assorted cosmetics.

    The content that will be included in the first official season has not yet been revealed. I expect that we'll see more of it in the week ahead though.
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