It is bad for both your eyes and Xbox.
PowerWash Simulator

The relaxing and cathartic game called PowerWash Simulator left Early Access today. It was released for PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, plus it's on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass and is generally a pretty great game. The game even includes some co-op play where you can team up with others to wash away dirt and grime while talking about whatever comes to mind.

There is just one catch: You shouldn't look at the sun. Don't do it. Don't look up. Not only is the sun a deadly lazer, but it could also crash your Xbox.

According to the PowerWash Simulator devs at FuturLab, looking at the sun could cause the game to crash when playing in multiplayer on Xbox. Specifically, it seems as though there is an issue with lens flares causing crashes and a surefire way to get lens flares showing up is by looking at the sun.

The team is aware of the issue. They know what is causing it and are working as fast as they can to get an update out to players. They hope the update will be out by the end of next week.

If you are playing solo, feel free to stare up at the sun for as long as you want.