They promise that this system will deliver "ultra-realistic gameplay" in Madden NFL 23.
Madden NFL 23

Yesterday, Electronic Arts unveiled the three John Madden themed covers for Madden NFL 23. Today, the studio just announced one of the new features coming when Madden NFL 23 launches on August 23: FieldSENSE Gameplay System.

EA says that FieldSENSE will serve as a "new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay" that will, you guessed it, only be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. PC users are getting screwed over once again with a last-gen experience for whatever stupid reason.

I'm going to flatly say this: I cannot recommend any PC fans pick up Madden NFL 23 given how EA has done this now for three years running. It started with Madden NFL 21 and a lack of any next-gen style upgrade when the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions came out. It continued with Madden NFL 22, and it obviously is continuing now with Madden NFL 23.

Though it's nice that the Madden games returned to PC a few years ago, there's no reason to continue supporting this last-gen version on PC thing that they're still doing. After three years of this, it's simply inexcusable that the engine, visual, and gameplay upgrades are also not included in the PC release.

All this said, here is what FieldSENSE will offer players on PS5 and Series X|S, plus some more general details about the non-FieldSENSE stuff included in the game. If you want, you can pre-order Madden NFL 23 now for your platform of choice.

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Through new technology and mechanics, FieldSENSE delivers a gameplay flow with realistic outcomes on the field. FieldSENSEleverages animation branching technology to enable Hit Everything, which redefines the physical interactions during the play allowing players to fight for every inch and change the outcome of tackles - whether mid-air or on the ground. It also provides new mechanics such as 360 Cuts, giving players the ability to change direction on a dime while controlling ball-carriers, and Skill Based Passing, a new way to pass that offers players the ultimate control to place the ball exactly where they want, with the power they want.

Regardless of the mode, FieldSENSE changes gameplay across Madden NFL 23, giving players the control to showcase their skills on the sticks, and to become gamechangers on the field. Coupled with a multitude of improvements to core gameplay systems that upgrade the football fundamentals like zone coverage, the pass rush, and containing mobile quarterbacks, Madden NFL 23 hits a new level of gameplay balance.

Presentation across the game also gets a boost with new Player Body Types, gear and visuals rebuilt from the ground up using new NFL player full body and game day gear scans for the first time. Hundreds of new player and coach likenesses have also been scanned for launch, with more delivered all season long. Plus, new player-focused 4K touchdown cameras that recreate the latest NFL broadcasts, lead to unprecedented NFL realism.

Face of the Franchise: The League is back with a sharper focus on building a legendary NFL career across five skill positions, including cornerback for the first time, and the goal of joining the coveted Madden NFL 99 Club. FieldSENSE brings player-specific mechanics all across the game and because The League is a player-locked mode, regardless of the chosen position in Face of the Franchise, there are new mechanics to master. New additions to Franchise Mode include top player requests like all-new Free Agency and Contract enhancements, improvements to Scouting, and updates to the Hub and Trade Logic, putting players in the owner’s chair to call the shots from the front office. Simplified team-building and convenient competition in Madden Ultimate Team™ allow fans to assemble the most powerful roster of current stars and legends of the NFL.