Gaming trends have changed over the years as once popular huge scale games have fallen behind in favor of smaller, more casual, and easier to approach games have taken over particularly those designed for mobile – features have changed at the same time, and now games like online casinos thrive where larger scale games once stood on top. That isn’t to say the larger market doesn’t still exist though, and the MMORPG genre is starting to thrive once more with growing player numbers, but can the premiere MMORPG title of World of Warcraft, which has struggled in recent years, find good form with its newest expansion?

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A string of poor expansion releases have certainly hurt the game, and the progress can be tracked back too with the content drought at the end of Warlords of Draenor followed by back-to-back poor releases in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and the most recent expansion of Shadowlands. The development team have managed to get things right by the end of the expansion as quality-of-life patches and major overhauls to existing systems have somewhat redeemed what had otherwise been considered poor design throughout the rest of the game, but the hope will certainly be to get things right from the go with its newest offering.

Whilst the announcement of the newest expansion comes with news of a new playable race and a new playable class too, for fans of the game the big news came with the removal of borrowed power systems that have been present in the past three offerings, as well as other quality of life changes to things like the profession system and early game progression that will make navigating the new landscape that much easier. The community are understandably a bit skeptical about whether or not the game can deliver on their best expectations, but the pressure is more so on Blizzard Entertainment too as this could potentially be the last chance for the game to succeed.

Competition has been growing and other games in the space have been finding a lot of success from the most recent WoW failures, tacked on top of this is the potential for an MMORPG release by Riot Games in the near future too which would almost certainly dominate the market, as such it’ll be more important than ever to get this release done right and to make sure the shortcomings found through other titles can be fixed.

With no release date announced just yet and no pre-order availability, there’s still some time left to make changes and tweaks with an alpha that will likely come very soon, but this could be a very pivotal release in the games history with aims to prevent the huge losses in players the game has sustained in recent years.