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Did you know that one of the biggest boons to the casino revolution is none other than a cryptocurrency that began as a meme? New studies suggest that none other than Dogecoin is already making big splashes in the world of casinos, both online and offline up in the lands where the syrup flows like water.

In Canada, casinos have already started to accept several new and non-traditional payment methods. This sort of forward-thinking has lent the country to becoming a real hotspot for tech enthusiasts to get their gambling fix and has made Canada one of the premiere places to find the best Dogecoin casinos in the world.

A major positive working in favor of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies is the fact that these payment options offer rapid and secure transactions. Not only that but using Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies comes with the added benefit of having very minimal transaction fees associated with them.

Dogecoin, despite its perceived status as a "meme" cryptocurrency, is still one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world. It has the backing of countless people all around the world and has seen really strong support in the past year especially.

Casinos based in Canada are especially welcome to those paying with Dogecoin. Many of them will even offer new players some rather robust bonuses for signing up and using Dogecoin. There have been several instances where those using Dogecoin can get up to 400% on welcome bonuses. That's right, you can potentially see some cash gifts that end up being up to four times the amount of your deposit.

Many Canadian casinos also offer free spins to Dogecoin users. Sure, you can sometimes get free spins just for being a new player or visitor to a casino, but more and more we are starting to see Casinos that offer additional free spins to Dogecoin users in addition to the base number of free spins.

Those who specifically play at online casinos can see several additional benefits. Since Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, by nature the transactions and payments are anonymized. This also has the added benefit of eliminating any sort of third-party involvement that may come with using something like a bank account or debit card.

As we said before, transaction fees are also incredibly low on Dogecoin usage. Processing time on several traditional money transactions can take anywhere from several days to over a week to process. Dogecoin is near instantaneous and has transaction fees that are mere pennies or, often, are completely free.

Of course, there are a few downsides to Dogecoin when compared to more traditional currencies. For instance, the very nature of a cryptocurrency like Dogecoin means that its value is in constant flux. Dogecoin is especially susceptible to seeing drastic swings in its value. It is also less valuable than other forms of cryptocurrency, especially big hitters like Bitcoin.

If you can get over those relatively minor issues, you should be in for a good time using Dogecoin at Canadian casinos. Games accepting of Dogecoin range from all sorts of slot games, card games like blackjack and poker, roulette, bingo, and many more.