Street Fighter 6 Announced


  • Street Fighter 6 Announced

    It wasn't Mega Man Legends 3 after all.
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    Last week, Capcom tossed up a mysterious countdown timer that was set to reveal something early this morning. Well, the mystery is no more as Capcom announced their new title. Sadly, while it isn't Mega Man Legends 3 like we all wanted, it is instead Street Fighter 6.

    Though Capcom teased everyone with a week-long countdown, the payoff just wasn't all that grand. Today, the studio released only a very brief teaser announcement for Street Fighter 6. Though the teaser trailer is quite lacking in much of any sort of detail, Capcom promises that they will share more this Summer.

    The teaser trailer, seen below, includes a lot of flexing of various body parts, including toes. There is also a new teaser site up, but that shows about as much as the trailer.

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