Get a look at the two main skill trees available in Dying Light 2.
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is less than a month away from its February 4 release. We have seen a bunch of new gameplay and had information shared with us through the Dying 2 Know video series, but that doesn't mean that everything was revealed. Today, Techland shared information on the two main skill trees that will be available to main protagonist Aiden Caldwell.

The skill trees will be filled with various new parkour unlocks along with new combat moves. Techland says that these skill trees "can be advanced through a new approach to character progression." Much like the first game, you will earn experience based on your actions. The more parkour moves you pull off, the more parkour-focused XP you will gain. Likewise, the more combat you engage in, the more combat-focused XP you will gain.

It's a lot like the first game. These separate XP bars allow players to somewhat build towards the abilities they want to unlock earlier than others. Completing quests will reward experience for both bars at once.

Techland briefly mentions a few of the abilities you will be able to unlock along the way.

Completing quests can quickly fill both experience bars, and players shouldn’t neglect the new abilities they pick up along the way, which can be used in concert for bigger experience gains. For example, with the right timing, the combat skill Grapple can throw enemies to the side using their own momentum. Follow up with Stomp for an opportunity to instantly kill enemies you’ve just thrown to the ground. Many such inventive combinations exist for players to incorporate in their playstyles.

Of course, these combos extend to parkour skills, as well. Dart temporarily increases your running speed, and combined with Double Jump, a Skill that helps you jump higher while vaulting obstacles, all sorts of unreachable places open up.