Don't worry, there's probably a Chapter 3 coming afterwards.
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Fortnite players will get one last battle against The Cube Queen as Chapter 2 of the battle royale winds down. Epic Games is preparing a big one-time "miss it and it's gone forever" event called "The End" that will bring the current chapter to an end.

Epic Games says that The End will take place on December 4 at 4PM (ET). Players will join up to battle The Cube Queen in a final stand. If you don't know who The Cube Queen is, you certainly aren't alone. Fortnite lore is far deeper and extremely weird.

The End will have up to 16-player parties teaming up in a special playlist that will be available starting 30 minutes before the event actually begins. Those who queue up for The End will get a special loading screen and Wrap. They will also earn 225,000 XP since the season will end a day ahead of initially planned.

Epic suggests that players go through and finish Cube Queen's Page 1 and Page 2 quests, collect Color Bottles and Rainbow Ink for the Toona Fish styles, and also trade in any remaining Battle Stars before going in to The End. If you understood any of that, then you're probably already queued up for The End anyway.

Though Chapter 2 is apparently coming to an end in December, a Chapter 3 has not yet been announced. It's probably coming, but like... what if? What if this was the ending of Fortnite in its entirety? Could you even imagine?