Other players won't be the only thing you'll be going up against in Season 11.
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Respawn Entertainment fully revealed Storm Point, the newest map that will be added to Apex Legends in Season 11. When Season 11, Escape, releases on November 2nd, players will get to drop in to the tropical island paradise of Storm Point. This new map is releasing in addition to a new Legend, Ash, along with the Titanfall weapon, the C.A.R. SMG.

Respawn principal designer on Apex Legends, Rodney Reece, takes players on a guided tour of Storm Point in a newly posted blog. Reece says that the map is their largest yet, weighing in at about 15% larger than World's Edge. This tour includes a look at some of the map's points of interests, the hot spots that will be full of loot, and a look at the dangerous wildlife that you can hunt, or be hunted by.

The wildlife includes Prowlers, an aggressive creature that hunts in packs. They can most often be found near Prowler Dens dotted across the map. If you get too close, they'll first let out a noise suggesting you keep your distance. If you fail to do so, they will engage with you while more pour out through the dens.

Spiders are another group you probably don't want to encounter, both in real life and in Apex Legends. Spider eggs are also scattered around the map. If you cause damage to the eggs, the spiders inside will hatch and a swarm of the eight-legged beasts will come after you. Spiders will spit webs at you and while they are easier to kill than Prowlers, they are much more mobile.

Finally, there are Flyers, a creature that should be familiar to Apex players that have ever dropped into King's Canyon. These flyers will be spawned randomly at some pre-determined locations for each round of play. It sounds like they'll still carry around loot boxes from fallen players, much like they already do in King's Canyon.

Why engage with the wildlife at all? Well, it seems like you will be able to reap some rewards in the form of loot by killing these feisty creatures.

Now a bit more on the types of rewards you’ll gain from battling the fauna of Storm Point:
  • Smart Loot Drops: On death, Prowlers and Spiders have a chance to drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, in addition to a few consumables and other goodies.
  • EVO Points: A small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor. This includes Flyers
  • Crafting Materials: Clearing a Nest rewards a lump of crafting materials which are divided evenly among each squad member in the nest at time of completion.
Also new to Storm Point are what Respawn calls "Gravity Cannons." These seem to work almost identically to the Man Cannons in the Halo franchise. These Gravity Cannons will replace the redeploy balloons that are common in the game's other three maps. These cannons will launch you in a pre-determined direction. Respawn says that while in the air you will have some control over pitch and can land to the sides in order to avoid traps that other players might have set up on the landing pad. Players will also have complete control of their weapons, grenades, tactical abilities, and ultimates while in the air.

A few of Storm Point's points of interest include:
  • Barometer: The heart of Storm Point. This is a spinning platform with a honeypot of loot overlooked by a research tower that gives a height advantage, but is challenging to defend against attackers.
  • Command Center: Built inside of the mountain, the Command Center is a massive complex that’s rich in loot and which allows players to dive into its heart from the dropship. It is also an excellent method for getting to the top of the mountain while protected by using a network of the longest ziplines in the Apex Games to date.
  • The Antenna: The Antenna is a drop location divided by a network of catwalks positioned above a massive communications dish. Make your way across these catwalks or slide to the bottom of the Antenna to zipline your way up to the center.
  • Checkpoint: Suspended over a dense forest, Checkpoint allows you to disengage from an intense fight in new ways. If you are overwhelmed, jump off the platform in the forest below to change the engagement.
  • Lightning Rod: Lightning Rod is a landing position located at the pinnacle of the mountain and is divided into two halves by a focused and intense bridge. The station's top is the highest position on the map and is a crucial stronghold if the ring ends there.
  • Storm Chaser: Suspended over a large area, Storm Catcher is an interior location with a focus on close-quarter combat. Position yourself on its exterior balconies to open up long-range combat against strong, defendable bases on either of its sides.
  • North Pad: The North Pad is a launch site that contains a network of protected trenches that allow safe passage over a wide range of rolling hills. Separating these trenches are underground bunkers and small watchpoints with loot.
  • The Mill: Located at the farthest western position, the Mill's circular interior space contains high-value loot and the entryway towards the center river.
  • Shipfall: The remnants of the original survivors of Storm Point, Shipfall, is all that remains of the doomed vessel. Eroded over decades, the engine section is still intact and is a stronghold if you can fight your way through it.
  • Cenote Cave: A secure network of coral reef caves, the Cenote is the most isolated section of the map and is filled with valuable loot and power positions. Located at the southernmost western corner, it is also a critical path between the Barometer and the entire western half of the island.
  • ...Plus another half-dozen or so additional points that are outlined in the blog.

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