Get a deeper dive into the story and gameplay of Dying Light 2.
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On September 30 at 12PM (PT), Techland will host their fourth episode of Dying 2 Know, their video series that takes a deep dive into the various elements that make up Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This new episode will be streamed through the Techland Twitch channel at that time.

Tymon Smektała, the lead game designer on Dying Light 2, and streamer Leah will serve as the hosts for the show. They will talk about the citizens that make up the game world including "one crucial character in particular."

A huge world rife with danger and possibility is a main pillar of Dying Light 2 Stay Human and this episode will detail the City in much greater depth. Viewers will learn more about the player’s freedom, discover the rewards of exploration, and witness two faces of the City—a brutal side, marked by death, and a beautiful, more vibrant side. And what would a city be without its residents? Tune into Dying 2 Know - Episode 4 to meet a new character in the story of Villedor.
I wonder who that character is? Techland sure isn't saying just yet.

The new episode will also go into detail about the game's music and sound design. Composer Olivier Deriviere will discuss the audio design for Dying Light 2 during this episode.

Dying Light 2 was originally supposed to be out this December but was recently hit with a delay that will see it be released on February 4, 2022.

Also, the images in this post come from me. Techland had sent me an invitation in the mail to this event a couple of days back. I obviously wasn't awake early enough to post this when the news dropped, but I'm still sharing the images anyway. And no, there didn't seem to be any hidden messages that were revealed by black light this time.

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