Remedy says their unannounced project is in "full production."
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Remedy has confirmed that their still unannounced game project that they're making alongside Epic Games has now "moved into full production." Many people seem to be under the impression that this game is none other than Alan Wake 2.

Remedy acquired the rights to the Alan Wake IP in 2019. Last year, Remedy said that the next game in their "Remedy Connected Universe" was already in the works. During a meeting with investors, they also said that they're in "full production mode" on a second, smaller-scale game that has also yet to be announced.

Last year, word came out that Epic Games was funding and publishing projects with Remedy. Yes, this probably means that Alan Wake 2, if that's what this is, will be fully exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. At least in this case, the exclusivity makes sense since Epic Games is paying for the development and publishing the title under their branding. Remedy will retain ownership of the Alan Wake IP though, so that's nice.

Also of note from their meeting with investors is the fact that Control has now seen over 10 million players to date. They also say that development of its 4-player co-op game set in the Control universe, which is still a part of the Remedy Connected Universe, is also moving forward. Also in the works, albeit in a very early stage of development, is "a future, bigger-budget Control game."