Lady Gaga and Naruto are also coming to the game.
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According to the Fortniteleaks subreddit, the next big concert event for Fortnite will include a performance by Ariana Grande. A number of supporting court documents back this claim up, so it's looking like it's almost a sure thing at this point.

Grande will be the headliner of the next event, which is apparently slated to arrive this October. Court documents from the Epic vs Apple case also go on to suggest that Lady Gaga will be taking to the virtual stage in December. Previous concert events taking place in Fortnite include the recent Travis Scott event, where the performer earned a cool $20 million (USD).

Other bits of information pulled from this leak include the possibility of various Justice League and Suicide Squad members being added to the game. However, the specifics on which characters would be added were not confirmed. Naruto may also make an appearance in the Season 8 Battlepass for the game.

The leaker goes on to suggest that the upcoming Chapter 3 for Fortnite will "redesign the map completely." There may also be ridable monsters or mechs that are added in the future. Of course, there will be some story progression included that focuses on major in-game events, assuming anybody actually cares about the lore for a battle royale game.