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Bandai Namco just announced a new game that will hopefully get all of our fat asses off of the couch and computer chairs and into the great outdoors. Brave the sunlight and the nasty critters as you play Active Life Outdoor Challenge for the Nintendo Switch. This game, releasing on September 3, 2021, will be available exclusively through Target, both physically and through their online store.

This seems to be an updated version of an old Wii game that has players engaging "in real-life exercises while completing a variety of fun, family-friendly mini-games."

There are 16 games in total here. They include things like river rafting to log jumping. Bandai Namco says that players will work up a sweat "with the game's simple, yet unique controls, which feature a pack-in Leg Strap that uses the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to measure players' movements." You will run, jump, squat, and stomp. The left Joy-Con is on the leg while the right one is held in the hand to determine arm movements.

There will be two Leg Straps included in the box so that you can play competitive and cooperative mini-games with families and friends through the game's multiplayer mode. They say that each minigame will take between one to three minutes.

And yes, you can probably just stay inside and play this. The point is that you are getting up off of the couch and moving.

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