If you guessed that terribly implemented DRM was to blame, you'd be correct.
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If you have played the PC version of Resident Evil Village, you probably encountered a few performance issues that are pretty common. If you haven't encountered any performance issues, you should consider yourself extremely lucky and the exception to the norm.

See, Resident Evil Village has some very noticeable framerate hitches whenever you kill most any enemy. Given that there are a lot of enemies to kill in the game, the hitching can be quite noticeable and very repeatable. There were also severe framerate drops whenever the player was near the vampire sisters and their swarms of flies, or when they were grabbed by them and pulled in for a little bite.

I know for a fact that I experienced the hitching at every kill and the massive performance hits to my PC even with a then very capable i7-6700K and GTX 1080 Ti. People with better hardware, including the RTX 30xx series of cards also reported identical issues.

Fans have waited for Capcom to release a patch to address these performance woes on PC, however two months later we are still without even a single patch. Some speculated that the Denuvo DRM implemented in Resident Evil Village was to blame. It turns out they are at least partially correct.

A pirated release of Resident Evil Village came out this past week by Empress. They claim that they have fixed the issue by bypassing the game's DRM. It turns out that Capcom not only implemented Denuvo DRM into their game, but they also seem to have implemented their own DRM into the game that does regular checks. When does it do these checks? Well, it seems to do them every time you kill an enemy. Empress gets around this by removing all forms of DRM and outright cutting out some of the enemy attacks, such as the grab and bite attack, that would cause problems.

“All in-game shutters like the one from when you kill a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM’s entry points are patched out. So most of their functions are never executed anymore. This results in much smoother game experience.”
These claims were more than confirmed by a number of people who used the cracked release of the EXE in their legitimate copies of the game that were purchased from Steam.

You can see the difference in the videos posted below.

So Capcom, maybe it's about time you removed the DRM from the legitimate copies that consumers purchased? The game has been cracked. There are no reasons left as to why paying customers should have an inferior experience.