This marks the third free update of the year from Hello Games.
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Hello Games is at it once again with a massive and free update for No Man's Sky. The new Prisms update, out now, has overhauled most every aspect of the visuals in No Man's Sky.

These new visual effects include new weather systems, night skies with thousands of stars visible, screen space reflections, additional volumetric lighting, parallax occlusion mapping, creature fur, glass refractions, caves with new lighting effects, more detailed environments, a greater variety in vegetation, and tons more. They also added in the ability to ride beetles, worms, and even butterfly like creatures. Hello Games compliments this visual overhaul with some new additions to Photo Mode, including improved depth of field and bloom controls.

Specific to the PC is the addition of DLSS support for those running compatible Nvidia cards. This could lead to some instances where the framerate might be doubled what it used to be.

As always, the changelog is extensive and detailed. Be sure to check it out. Also of note is the fact that No Man's Sky is currently 50% off, at least on Steam.