These may still be coming or they may be scrapped.
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More news out of the Epic Games v. Apple legal battle today. This time it's a look at some of the potential collaborations that may still be coming to Fortnite, or collaborations that have fallen through and will never come to light. There are some wild collaboration ideas that were shared today.

Planned collabs include an armored Batman Looper skin, Samus from Metroid, the Bride from Kill Bill, Snake Pliskin from Escape from New York, Naruto, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, John McClane from Die Hard, LeBron James, Lady Gaga, Arianna Grande, and even The Rock.

According to other documents found by Fortnite Insider, there is or was an arcade style Basketball mini-game planned for the game.

When it comes to the big money makers, it looks as though the collaboration with Marvel was Epic's biggest money maker. This was followed up by Star Wars, the NFL, Travis Scott, Marshmello, DC, and then John Wick to round out the top 7.