Could be something or it could be nothing at all.
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The official Metal Gear Twitter account perked up a bit today when it began responding to and retweeting another account from a fictional character on board Metal Gear Solid 2's Big Shell. The account in question, simply named @TheTomOlsen, acts as if he is a worker aboard the Big Shell, the large decontamination facility created where a majority of Metal Gear Solid 2 takes place.

The Tom Olsen account is posting a lot of pictures from around the Big Shell location. There is even one that seems to hint at a possible reveal on April 30th. You can see some of the tweets below along with the interactions between the official Metal Gear Twitter account and Tom Olsen.

It seems odd to be doing this much teasing for it to end up being nothing at all, but stranger things have happened. I personally wouldn't get my hopes up for much of anything. That April 30 date could just be a nod to the fact that Tom won't actually see his birthday as the Big Shell Incident takes place on April 29th. On the other hand, in the response tweet sent by the Metal Gear account, they do mention something about guests coming "next week" so maybe... 🤔