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Minecraft is one of the most played games developed by Microsoft Corporation. The game is best played on phones that use Microsoft Windows operating system.

If you are a fan of building and operating based on a creative basis, then you will be enjoying the game of Minecraft. There are so many eye-catching locations in the game of Minecraft that excites the viewer. Do you need to keep digging in, building and a lot of crafting procedures are involved in you building an entire empire for yourself? There are several ways by which you can keep yourself active in the game. There are so many tips and tricks provided to the gamers as well.

What importance do turtles hold in a game of Minecraft?
There are a lot of mobs in the game of Minecraft which helps the player to progress in the game. Both passive, as well as active mobs, are provided in the game.

Turtle is one of the most important passive mob that helps the player to survive well in the underground world. The best part about you total being a mob is that it helps the player to serve in the world above the ground level as well.

The turtles can generally be found swimming across water bodies like beaches and the oceans. They help the player to a massive extent as they explore the world under the ground level.

What should you know about turtle egg hatching?
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Before you get to know how long it takes for the turtles to hatch an egg, it is vital to know what are all the processes involved behind the turtle egg hatching and laying.
  • Spawning
There are a lot of sand blocks in the game Minecraft. The player keeps hovering around the sand blocks only in the game. The best part about the turtles laying eggs is that they know the exact location where they have laid their eggs and they return to the same location to hatch the eggs.

This kind of process occurs as a part of the algorithm of the game. But if you wish to make use of the turtles to speed and up your levels of winning in the game, you can create scenarios where the egg-laying process is fasting and hatching is quickened.

The number of legs laid and the time taken for the eggs to hatch varies for different versions of the same game. Also, your device should have upper-end software to support the higher versions of the game released in the market.
  • Drops
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The turtles die and they drop seagrass. These can be used for increasing the levels of winning by the player. Keeping it near to turtles as they aim to breed and hatch eggs increases the chances of the player surviving well in the underground world.

The dropping of seagrass occurs only when the baby turtles grow into an adult.
  • Behaviour of turtles
The turtle moves slowly when they are on the shore and they swim very quickly than they are in the waters. Their way of escaping is only by reaching the water source with light.
  • Predators
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A lot of predators die immediately if lightning strikes them. Zombies, skeletons, withers, wolves, cats are some of the predators which damage not only the lives of the turtles but also the eggs laid by them. Some of the eggs laid by these turtles get broken intentionally and some get broken unintentionally.
  • Breeding
The player can save the seagrass and can be used for mating. When the seagrass is taken close to the sea turtles, hearts appear all over it and they mate.

After one mating, about 4 eggs are laid. The turtle could be made to mate again by keeping some see grass all around it. The turtles lay the eggs after digging some space in the ground. Also, the best time for the eggs to hatch is at the night. You need to take care so that the turtle eggs don't suffer any damage.

It is suggested to keep moving the turtles both in and out of the water so that they stay alive for a long time. The baby turtles when hatched are capable of moving out of the fence you had put up.

You can easily spot which turtle would be laying the egg. If you see the size of the turtle is a bit larger than the regular one, a player is aware of the fact that when a turtle dies, it drops seagrass. When a baby turtle grows into an adult, it drops something called scute. You could make use of this scute as a helmet when you wish to explore underwater.

How to quicken the process of hatching?
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The turtles take 4-5 days to hatch the eggs. This is just similar to the normal egg hatching of the turtles. If you wish to quicken the process of hatching, you could take the egg which is broken in the first stage of hatching and place it next to the eggs. This quickens the process of hatching the remaining eggs.

This method quickens the process to a certain extent but to increase drastically, you need to make use of Random Tick Speed. This is a trick, which is used in Minecraft not only to increase the process of hatching but also for reducing the time taken for natural processes in the game.

This enhances the playing experience and also pushes the player to move from one level to another much quicker. The default Random Tick Speed in Minecraft is 3. You could increase it depending on the software specifications of your phone.

One could not necessarily say that Random Tick Speed is cheating, but it is one of the best tricks to move ahead in the game.

Now that the player is aware of how long does it take for turtle eggs to hatch in Minecraft and why and if you want to know more about it click here. You can make use of the random tick speed and increase your chances of winning. It can also be used for the Mushroom to spread fast, crops to grow, etc. One important thing that places must keep in mind is to survey the area before making use of the Random Tick Speed.