ESA denies rumors that they were going to lock content behind a paywall.
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There was a report circulating today that the Electronic Software Association was considering locking some parts of this year's online E3 event behind a paywall. To counter that rumor, the ESA quickly stated that this year's event will be free for all attendees.

An initial report from VGC said that the ESA was considering locking some content behind a paywall. These details were reportedly confirmed by various trusted sources and documentation. VGC news journalist Andy Robinson even took to Twitter following the ESA's rebuke to the article to reiterate the validity of the original claims.

This news comes about a month after it was first revealed that E3 was going online-only for E3 2021 thanks to that pesky scumbag known as COVID-19. This online event is going to feature multiple keynotes, an awards show, a preview night, along with separate streams from publishers, influencers, and more. This year's event is actually called the Electronic Entertainment Experience instead of "Expo" and is planned to run for about a week starting on June 13, 2021.

A representative from the ESA said that they can "confirm that E3 2021 will be 100% free for attendees and that there will be no elements at E3 2021 that will be behind a paywall."