Description: Do you love firing up your games console but wish your partner to share your passion? Are you tired of gaming on your own? Check out our list of the best games for two that will put the fun back in date nights! From horror to racing games, there are a host of great two-player options for all sorts of couples to enjoy.

Gone are the days when gaming was a niche activity enjoyed by only a passionate few. Gaming is now something that everyone can enjoy. Teaming up for a game is fantastic for couples who want to try something different on a date night! Plus, it’s a great ice breaker if you’re on a date with someone new. So, whether you’re fully committed or looking to meet new people on the hookup dating sites, why not give your controller skills a couple’s workout.

Video Games for Two: Boy and Girl Characters
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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
If you’ve been a gamer all your life, you’ve no doubt encountered the groundbreaking Lara Croft games that catapulted to fame in the late 1990s. Although technically part of the main Lara Croft universe is questionable nowadays, this game offers both puzzle elements and a diverse world for players to interact with and explore. Along with the new adventures offered by the game Lara Croft for two players, it has both male and female characters to play as. While one partner controls Lara, the other can explore the world as Totec: a fierce Aztec soldier who has returned from the grave to combat evil forces. Perfect if you’re an adventurous couple!

Until Dawn
Horror fans will adore this gory story game that tells a chilling tale of a party in the woods gone wrong. Based on an earlier, one-person model, and drawing on other classic horror games like Heavy Rain and Silent Hill, Until Dawn was recently released a two-player option for PlayStation. Using a butterfly-effect model to organize the game Until Dawn for two players requires participants to select various options, all of which could have different outcomes in the story. This allows players to experience multiple alternative endings and to play as different characters who all want to survive the game’s wicked plot twist. Until Dawn also makes great viewing if one partner would rather take a backseat than join in. Couples can also play a collaborative or competitive game, where they try to keep each other (or themselves) alive.

Mario Kart
Looking for games for two that are wacky, entertaining, and don’t have a complicated backstory? Mario Kart could be the ride for you! Based on the Nintendo classic, Mario Kart is a two-player racing game that’ll have you and your other half competing to see who is fastest on the tracks. Characters include iconic male and female options, like Mario and Luigi themselves and the adorable Princess Peach. Definitely worth a spin if you’re looking for fast-paced fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Puzzle Games for Two
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Little Big Planet 2
Little Big Planet is an adorable puzzle game that’s great fun for all ages and a blast for couples to play. Combining a fun storyline and several mini-games, this console game is a great two-player to work through in short bursts rather than to binge. Perfect for couples who want to relax together after work but don’t want to strap in for a long gaming session. With cute characters and simple controller play, Little Big Planet 2 makes an ideal low-pressure option for more casual gamers who just want to have fun. Little Big Planet 2 is one of many two player games for PlayStation 4 that makes a gaming console worth a purchase.

Portal 2
A more adult take on the puzzle game genre, Portal 2 is a sci-fi themed game that you and your partner will love if you enjoy the problem-solving play. Since working together is essential for this game Portal 2 for two players is a great way to build co-operation in your relationship. The game has been praised for its pacing and its user-friendly learning curve, which allows you to improve and gain skills steadily. Portal 2 also makes great innovative use of graphics and animation to give you a killer gaming experience. You’ll love the innovative setting and well-written characters, too, as you explore this high-tech world.

Strategy: Best Games for Two
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High-pressure tolerance, coordination, and teamwork are the foundations of this super intense kitchen game. One of the best video games for two available on Playstation 4, Overcooked simulates a restaurant where one player works as the chef and the other works as the assistant. While the chef frantically prepares orders, the assistant finds ingredients, clear workspaces, and gets food out to tables. This is one of the best video games for two in a relationship if one player is an experienced gamer, and the other is not. The more experienced partner can take the reins and shout instructions to the other. Make sure your relationship can take the heat, though, as this game can get pretty tricky when you don’t work as a team. Great for couples who enjoy analytical problem solving and who love to think fast!

Don’t Starve Together
Quirky graphics and varying difficulty levels make Don’t Starve Together a great option for couples looking for games for two. If your tastes tend towards the dark and Gothic, this Tim Burtonesque two-player game might be for you. Explore a nightmarish wilderness and aim to survive by foraging for food, keeping warm, and avoiding sanity stealing ghosts. Settle in for a creepy night with your partner and remember – you’ll have to co-operate to stay alive!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Communication will keep you alive in this tense strategy game. The premise is simple – you’re locked in a room with a bomb, and it’s about to explode. Outside is your expert who can help you deactivate it – but only if you give him instructions through the door! Rapid time limits will keep you on the edge of your seat with this game, and it will definitely help with your conversation skills. If you think you and your partner can stand the pressure, then this is likely one of the best games for two for you.

PC Games for 2
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Social distancing in 2020 has made regular dating difficult for some couples who live apart. However, you can still use gaming to bring you closer if you play free online games for two players on different computers. Minecraft is perfect for a virtual or socially distanced date as it allows players in different locations to meet up in the same online world. A classic sandbox game, Minecraft for two players allows gamers to use the world as they want, and tasks do not need to be performed in a specific order. Couples who enjoy analytical thinking will enjoy constructing tools and objects out of the materials available.

League of Legends
Maybe you think you and your other half make the perfect team? How about putting that to the test by teaming up with other players in a League of Legends quest? League of Legends is hugely popular and one of the best free two player games for PC. Set in a fantasy world, League of Legends allows couples to team up with groups of other players online and engage in combat with opponents. This game can be played side by side in your house or from different countries, making it a great option for long-distance couples or those who live apart. Definitely, it is a solid option if you’re looking for two players games for free!

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that there isn’t anyone who doesn’t like video games – there are just people who haven’t found the game for them yet! So, whether you’re a reluctant or an avid gamer, we’re confident that something on this list will get your energy up. We hope our list of suggestions has given you some inspiration about which games for two to try with your partner.

Final Call: Love to game with your partner? Which PC games for two are your favorites? Let us know in the comments?

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