Combat details revealed for the PS5 exclusive.
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Returnal is an upcoming action title from Housemarque (Resogun, Nex Machina) that just had itself a brand-new action filled trailer. This game is slated to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive when it launches on March 19, 2021.

Housemarque took to the PlayStation Blog to share more details about the combat in the game and what you will be doing in it. They say that they have aimed to "blend a unique mix of game styles" in Returnal. There is "trandmark explosive arcade action, responsive controls, and bullet hell gameplay." Only this time, the action is in third-person. This is all in combination with some exploration and traversal as you explore procedurally generated environments of Atropos.

Housemarque says that they want to provide enough depth and variety to the game to always keep the player coming back for "one more go."

There will be 10 base weapons included in the game with more than 90 Weapon Traits (each with three levels) and 10 alternate-fire modes. In Returnal, death is not an escape. Each time you die you will be sent back through to the start of the time loop. You still make some progress thanks to being able to keep some of your abilities and collected items from previous runs.

More about Returnal can be found at the PlayStation Blog that just went up from Harry Krueger, a Creative Director at Housemarque.

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The game features a number of base weapons that are augmented as you play. For example, the living Spitmaw Blaster weapon starts as a shotgun archetype you all know and love. As you progress, you’ll unlock and add on various Weapon Traits, each providing a unique gameplay modifier to the base weapon’s behavior. These Weapon Traits are custom tailored for each gun type – so your Spitmaw Blaster might gain exploding shells or generate acid pools upon impact; while the Electropylon Driver might extract extra loot from enemies, or generate shields for the player. These Weapon Traits will also stack, so the combined effects can lead to many surprising results that can have unique advantages and playstyles to explore.

Each weapon will also have an alt-fire mode randomly assigned to it from our diverse pool, ranging from the electrical impulses of the Shockstream to the tentacles of the Tendrilpod, and everything in between.