Based off of a suggestion from Sean "Day9" Plott.
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The other day, Twitch removed the popular PogChamp emote from their services following several dangerous conspiracy theories from the original inspiration for the emote. At the time, Twitch says that they were going to work with the community to figure out a replacement for PogChamp that people could again enjoy.

Based off of a suggestion from Sean "Day9" Plott, Twitch may have found their solution. Plott suggested having a "database of streamer and/or general faces" that would randomly display any time anybody used PogChamp in chat. This would display one of those faces at random and give a "nice crowd feel to a chat spamming PogChamp."

Twitch is taking this idea and modifying it just a little bit. Instead of being random every time someone uses PogChamp, Twitch will instead have a daily PogChamp emote that rotates through every 24 hours. A new face will show up every 24 hours and can be trigged by using "PogChamp" in chat.

First up is none other than Kenny "UnRooolie" McWild, pictured above. He had put himself out there as a potential candidate on January 6 when this whole mess started.