Part of Character Pass 2.
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In early 2021, Yoruichi will be added to the roster of Jump Force as part of Character Pass 2. Today marks the first gameplay trailer for Yoruichi being shown off.

Who is Yoruichi? Beats the hell out of me! We weren't given any additional information about this character. What we were given additional information about are the names of the other characters included in Character Pass 2. Let's check that out right quick then.

In addition to the upcoming Yoruichi, JUMP FORCE Character Pass 2 also features the currently available Shoto Todoroki, Meruem and Hiei, as well as to-be-announced character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Players who purchase Character Pass 2 for $17.99 will immediately unlock Todoroki, Meruem and Hiei, and gain early access to Yoruichi and the fifth DLC character as they release. Each character is also available separately for $3.99.
Fantastic. That's my job sorted right there, isn't it?