Ever since the pandemic took control of our lives, we have not been the same. For several months, human beings had to stay inside their homes, turning to things to while away their time, that they never considered before. While some took up cooking and several other chores, others turned to online gaming and gambling.

Our notion of normalcy shifted from what we knew and assumed a distorted and skewed shape. Words like ‘social distancing’, ‘hand sanitizers’, and ‘face masks’ started dominating our vocabulary and changed the narratives of our lives. Therefore, it goes without saying that people had to look for different ways to take their minds off from the pandemic and make use of the time that they had on their hands.

Surveys indicate that most people have turned to gaming and gambling on sites like https://www.slotsformoney.com/casinos/keno/, in the pandemic. Gaming busts stress and make for an interesting way to make use of one’s time. In fact, one could also take part in several gaming tournaments and make easy money out of the domain.

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Having said that, in this article, we shall take a look at the different video games that one can play till the time the pandemic lasts. There is still time for a vaccine to come into effect and restore our lives to normal. Therefore, till that happens, these video games can take your mind off the troubles nagging at your existence and make the pandemic a little less unbearable.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The first video game that we have on the list for you is that of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is a lot going on in the world around us. Every new day, we are inundated with cases going through the roof, reports of more deaths and joblessness. The economy is in a precarious condition.

And it is nothing less than a task for us to keep our sanities intact. Therefore, a game like the New Horizons comes as a welcome relief. The game is filled with a sense of community, impregnated with good cheer and is nothing less than a savior in such times of crisis.


The next video game that we have for you is Control which is a breath of fresh air in such distressing times. The game comes from the banner of Remedy Entertainment and puts up an excellent display of gunplay.

The game requires you to play as Jesse Faden, and you must look into the Federal Bureau of Control in order to defeat “The Hiss”. If you feel bogged down by all that is happening in the world around you, this video game shall come to your rescue. The game offers a cathartic experience is filled with exciting adventures and thrilling gunplay.

Disco Elysium

Up next is the immersive role-playing video game known as the Disco Elysium. The video game chronicles the journey of a drug-addled detective set against the backdrop of a sci-fi dystopia. The detective sets out to investigate a case of lynching near a dockworkers’ union.

It is said that the game has been inspired by the television series The Wire and The Shield. Artists and bands such as the Rembrandt, have also influenced the video game and made it dark, nebulous and thoroughly compelling.

Death Stranding

The next video game on our list is Hideo Kojima’s highly ambitious project, known as Death Stranding. The narrative of the game demands you to control a post-apocalyptic deliveryman who is on a mission to transport cargo across a dangerously beautiful landscape. The game is quite unique in its approach and speaks about connection in this age of isolation and estrangement.

The game has been doing so well with the fans that people have started calling it a prophecy of sorts. Therefore, if you have been feeling low and lonely during the pandemic, Death Stranding might be a great game to indulge in.


Dreams has been developed by Media Molecule and is a brilliant game in its entirety. However, the video game which can be played on PS4, as beautiful as it is, is also quite complicated. You need to invest a lot of time working out its intricate gaming details and gameplay. Plus, you might also need all the time in your hand to work your way through the ever-expanding gaming database made and developed by others.

Summing It Up:

The period that we are going through is quite challenging. It is not easy to stay indoors at all times and wait for the pandemic to pass. As such, gaming can be a huge relief and stress buster. The video games that we have mentioned in the article have had raving reviews. Therefore, you might as well try your hands at them and while your time away!