Experience WWII virtually.
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EA and Respawn have just released their VR exclusive title, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. This game is available for the Oculus Rift and Steam platforms and is said to be "one of the deepest VR games available to date." The game includes a full single-player campaign along with various multiplayer modes.

The game combines the retelling of the war from veterans and heroes and promises to "shed light on the history of World War II" through this unique blend of film and games.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’s single-player campaign is an innovative and immersive VR experience that transports players into the boots of a soldier during some of the most pivotal moments of World War II. As a recruit for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA, the player will be immersed in a powerful story where they embark on missions that take them from Tunisia to across Europe to participate in some of the biggest moments of the war.
The game requires around 180GB of free space on a drive. It also has some incredibly lofty system requirements on top of that. Both the "minimum" and "recommended" specs are identical for this game and there is good reason for that which we'll touch upon in a second.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i7 9700K equivalent or greater
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA RTX 2080 equivalent or greater
Storage: 180 GB available space
Those specs are the bare minimum you will need in order to have a "smooth" framerate in the game, especially when combat actually kicks in. So, why are the min and recommended specs identical? It's because the game features zero video settings to adjust. You cannot lower any option to get better performance out of this game.

I will leave you with one user's experience as told to the public in a post on ResetERA.

Ok. This game is.... wow where to begin.

Playing on a 3070 with a Quest 2 via link. The Steam version does NOT have native Oculus support, SteamVR only

First of all it feels like a VR game that came out 4 years ago when the Oculus launched. When no one really knew what needed to be done when creating a VR game.

The "levels" are ridiculous.

A title appears that reads "TUNISA" on a black background. The background fades, but the title stays and it is fucking SORTING THROUGH some guy standing in front of you causing headache-inducing stereo fighting. Not a good first impression.

You start out lying next to tank with two people talking at you. You then need to grab a gun and shoot a german soldier.

Then the screen fades, and a huge poster appears that says "VICTORY!". Hmm OK...

Then you are in a hospital bed. Three people talk at you for a while, then the screen fades, a big poster appears that says "VICTORY!". Yeah! I sat through a minute long conversation in a hospital bed! Give me the medal of honor!

Then you are at a shooting range. Standard stuff, pick up a gun, shoot a target. Shooting feels ok. Go to three stations, then the screen fades and a big poster appears that says "VICTORY!"

Next up, oooo this time it looks like we're finally getting somewhere. The title says "Find out Ollie's age". Hmm... ok. Black screen fades, title stays sorting through the character in front of you (of course). A guy next to you talks, the guy in front of you talks, says he's 16, screen fades... and you guessed it ! A big poster that says "VICTORY!" appears

Next up is a briefing. Some guy talks at you for 2 minutes at a briefing table. Screen fades after he's done and... no VICTORY! poster? What the hell! I just sat through a 2 minute briefing, where is my VICTORY!

Then, BACK to ANOTHER firing range. Ugh. More talking at you... luckily I find an exit and that says "Transport" and run out it. Screen fades and... YES ! VICTORY poster!

Then I'm on a boat. I watch a lighthouse fall over and the screen fades to black. No VICTORY! for that one.

Ok, now I'm in a house and FINALLY German soldiers are attacking. Woops wow, there goes the frame rate. It starts stuttering like crazy. I kill off a few german soldiers by shooting them through the windows for about 30 seconds, the screen fades, and


I shut it off and refunded it immediately.

Absolute garbage.

How in the hell was Respawn ever involved with this? It literally feels like a student Unity VR project with polished assets. They must have given project to the interns to make. And Respawn worked on this for like 3 years!