The game's biggest update overhauls the campaign.

"New Frontiers" is the name that has been given to the latest major update to Barotrauma. This update is said to be the biggest one yet for the submarine "simulator. It overhauls the game's campaign, adds in new NPCs, adds in new outposts, and more.

New Frontiers adds a new campaign-focused journey with a "mysterious destination in the depths of Europa." The campaign has now been improved to create a "real sense of progression" for the game's campaign mode. There is now also a work-in-progress ending that has been implemented together with a newly accessible endgame location.

Highlights from this update can be found below. This update is said to be the next big step towards the game's full launch. The update is available for free to all current owners of the game. Speaking of which, you can pick up Barotrauma on Steam for just $17.99 (USD) for a limited time (normally $29.99). This sale is being offered until August 13.

  • Outposts: The crew is now able to physically reach and explore outposts at the start and endpoint of a mission. AI inhabitants and randomized events keep the outposts alive. Players can trade, restock equipment, hire new crewmates and more.
  • Submarines: The crew's swimming home base will develop throughout the journey. Beginning with a modest sub, players are able to update and modify the hull, different machinery and weaponry as they progress. All available improvements apply to modded ships as well, so the community can seamlessly integrate their own creations into the campaign.
  • Crewmates: The heart of the game, the submarine’s crew, is no longer randomized between campaign missions when playing with bots. Every crewmate becomes a valuable part of the mission and can be individually trained, so you should not use them as expendable cannon fodder. The bot AI was also improved.
  • In-game economy: Players are able to sell items, prices are balanced and different items are available at different locations in the game.
  • Visuals: The developers visually overhauled the majority of sprites in the game and revised the campaign map.