It's a game case, not the Mona Lisa.

Sony revealed today what the game cases for PlayStation 5 titles will look like. They showed off the case for the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the PS5 exclusive coming from Insomniac Games.

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Having seen a few in my day I can confirm that yeah, that is indeed a game case. The white and black design on the top banner area really seems to jive well with their general theme for the PS5 design. And much like the PlayStation 5 hardware itself, it is complimented nicely by the blue of the plastic case itself.

Interestingly, a big change from the current design is the lack of the "only on PlayStation" moniker. Instead, Sony opted instead to put the PlayStation Studios logo on the bottom right corner. While this does still signify that the game is console exclusive to the PlayStation 5, it still leaves the door open for these games to hit other platforms such as the PC at some point. Obviously it is not a safe assumption that any game with the "PS Studios" logo will come to PC.