What's this about a Switch release?
Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event.jpg

Season 5 for Apex Legends has been a big one for the teams at Respawn Entertainment and EA. According to the studios, this has been the season that has seen the "highest level of per-play engagement" to date. I do not know what that means per se, but it sounds highly impressive. Season 5 is also seeing the largest number of new players since the game's first season.

Come this Fall, the game will make its way on to Steam. Not only that, but Nintendo Switch owners will also get a chance to battle it out in this battle royale. Given that Summer has not even officially begun just yet (it starts on June 20th btw), we still have quite a few months to wait before the Steam and Switch releases will take place.

Perhaps the biggest and most surprising news revealed yesterday during EA Play Live is the fact that when the Steam and Switch releases happen in the Fall, the game will have full cross-play support. This will allow players across all platforms to battle it out together. There is no word yet as to whether this will be an opt-in feature. I just cannot imagine that too many Switch players will want to go up against PC players, but you never know.

Respawn did also note that on June 23 the Lost Treasures Collection Event will begin.

The event features a new mode, limited time exclusives and a new Town Takeover -- Crypto’s Map Room. Players can see the return of the game's sniper and shotgun only mode - Armed and Dangerous – with a few twists such as Evo Armor and an all-new piece of loot, Mobile Respawn Beacons.