A new interactive trailer released.
Desperados III

A new interactive trailer for Desperados III is out today to show that the game is all about player choice. To that end, a new interactive trailer was released that gives a little taste of the sort of options you will get to decide between when you play the game for yourself.

Speaking of which, you know there's a free demo out right now for Desperados III, yeah? You can get this free demo right now on GOG.com. It will give you a little taste of the game before its release on June 16, 2020.

As for this interactive trailer, I've embedded it below, but it may only work if you visit the YouTube page directly. So just click on the video below to get there.

Desperados III is all about choices - not how about the story will unfold, but how you can master a certain scenario. 3 guards are securing a location, you really want to enter? You can try to distract them and silently eliminate them one by one - or just march in, guns blazing. The aggressive option might be quicker but can cause more problems like reinforcements storming in or alarming all enemies nearby.