A new psychological horror game is on the way.
The Medium key art

The team that has a fair number of psychological horror titles under their belt already, Bloober Team, is hard at work on another one. Later in 2020, Bloober Team will release The Medium for the Xbox Series X and PC. As with most of these Xbox Series X releases, a firm release date just isn't known yet. All we know is that it's coming in time for the 2020 Holiday season.

The allure of The Medium is "how your perspective changes your perception." Alright, I'm listening. Bloober Team also says that they are creating The Medium alongside Akira Yamaoka, a Japanese game music composer best known for composing a number of titles in the Silent Hill franchise.

Alright, now I'm really listening. Let's see what we've got here, Bloober.

Players will find themselves in the body of Marianne, a medium hounded by visions, living and interacting across two worlds: the real, and the spirit world. Nothing is what it seems, everything has another side. As a medium with access to both worlds, you have a wider perspective and can see more clearly that there’s no one simple truth to what others perceive.
Well, the pieces are looking like they're falling in place to make The Medium as enjoyable as the original Layers of Fear. This will certainly be a game to keep an eye on in the months aheads. Those on the PC can already add The Medium to their Steam Wishlist so that they will know the moment it's released.

Below you will find the reveal trailer for The Medium along with several 4K screenshots. Below that are several pieces of concept art for the game.

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