To the surprise of literally nobody.
WWE 2K20 is a perfect game

Earlier rumors suggested that there would not be a WWE 2K21 released later this year. That wasn't exactly the most far-fetched rumor ever out there given how absolutely God-awful WWE 2K20 was. We're talking about one of the worst reviewed games ever and the worst game released in 2020. It received only a 39% critical average with only 2% of all critics actually recommending the game.

The confirmation comes from a First Quarter earnings call. During the Q&A portion, WWE interim CFO Frank Riddick says that "there's not going to be a launch of a game this year." This was also joined by a brief and fairly vague tweet made on the official Twitter account.

According to the tweet, we will learn more about the future of the franchise on April 27 at 10AM (ET).

Further rumors have suggested that while there may not be a WWE 2K21 released, the studio may end up releasing a sort of spin-off type of game. That is to suggest, fans may get some sort of an arcade style wrestling game in place of the (ahem) more realistic style found in the previous few WWE releases.

A year or two away from the annual releases is probably the best thing that 2K could possibly do for the franchise right now.