Frictional Games working on direct sequel to first Amnesia.
Amnesia: Rebirth

Frictional Games is well versed in the things that go bump in the night. After all, they're responsible for creating some of them. It should come as no surprise then that the studio that created one of the best horror titles of all time, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is hard at work on a direct sequel to that game. Coming in Autumn 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam is Amnesia: Rebirth.

Amnesia: Rebirth is being billed as "another evolutionary leap for Frictional games." The game will see how well players can remain calm in the face of "unimaginable terror."

Frictional spent a few weeks teasing today's announcement. They had a little ARG going on through their website. There were various snippets of audio and video footage that were uncovered. I'm not sure if the ARG was ever "solved" or if today's reveal was planned to happen regardless.

This game will be a new story set in the same world as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Frictional Games seems to be slyly ignoring that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs even exists. That is a fair play on their part given that A Machine for Pigs was not developed by Frictional but was instead made by The Chinese Room (Dear Esther, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture). A Machine for Pigs didn't exactly click with many fans of The Dark Descent, though our review seemed to be rather positive overall.

Amnesia: Rebirth will take players to the Algerian desert. The focus of the story will be on Tasi Trianon and her "journey through devastation and despair, personal terror and pain, while exploring the limits of human resilience." The game is still very much in development but is looking to be released Autumn 2020 for the PlayStation and PC via Steam. You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist today in order to keep up to date on the latest news right as it's released.

Frictional Games most recently released the stellar SOMA in 2015. Our review of SOMA slathered a heaping helping of praise on the game. One of its very few negatives cited was the fact that we would have to wait a while for the next game from the company. That's actually a little amusing to see on the very day their newest game was announced.

You can’t let out a breath. The creature is only inches away. Its sole purpose - to feed off your terror. And so you crouch in the dark, trying to stop the fear rising, trying to silence what lies within you.

Retracing Tasi’s journey and pulling together the fragments of a shattered past will be the only chance to survive the pitiless horror that threatens to devour you.Time is against you. Still, you must continue, step by step, knowing that if you fail you will lose everything.