The fifth and final chapter is a few months out still.
Song of Horror Episode 5

The episodic horror game with a twist, Song of Horror, now has a release date set for its fifth and final chapter. The first two chapters arrived in time for Halloween 2019 and since then two additional chapters were released. Though the fourth chapter arrived on January 30, fans will have to wait until May 14, 2020 for the conclusion of the story.

Developer Protocol Games is trying to make the wait for the final chapter a bit more palpable for fans. They announced that they are pushing out a "major update" to Episode 4 that will include "substantial changes." This update to Episode 4 will arrive on February 27, 2020.

Episode 5 promises to bring everything together that players experienced throughout the previous four episodes. Questions will be answered for those characters that players managed to not kill. See, the unique thing about Song of Horror is that if you lose a character in an episode, they're gone for good. As characters have a chance to show up in later episodes, this could drastically change the story if you lose too many of these characters. Should you somehow manage to lose every character in an episode, you have to start that specific episode over from the beginning. Obviously, you'll want to have as many characters survival as possible.

If you don't play games on PC, you may still yet have a chance to play and experience Song of Horror. The studio recently announced a console release is coming later this year.

Each episode can be purchased individually for $7.99 (USD). Alternatively, you can get the full Season Pass that gives you access to every episode for $21.99.

Screenshots for Episode 5 can be found below. The original launch trailer for Song of Horror is also included to give you a better idea of what the game is like.

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The Presence, now fully unleashed, will connect all the strands in the final episode, itself serving as the player’s last opportunity to get rid of the cursed song: Build a bridge into the past to change the dark future that awaits you, unraveling the origins of the eerie entity that refuses to let you go.

Dubbed "The Horror and The Song", the launch of Episode 5 will be a momentous release for Protocol Games, as studio founder Carlos Grupeli explains: “This is the closing chapter in an adventure we first set out on almost six years ago. We wanted to breathe life into a horror game we, as gamers had always wanted to play,” he says.

“All five episodes of Song of Horror are the product of that desire, and we can’t wait for those who have played the first four episodes - and indeed those new to the game, taking on all five episodes in one go - to experience just how the story ends. We also want to thank our publisher, Raiser Games, for supporting us in the decision to push back the episode’s launch to ensure its overall quality.”

Episode 5 will feature: -
  • The former patients of Jeremy Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital now haunt its eerie hallways, enthralled by The Presence's pull. Dive into the mind of the only person that listened to the song and survived to live another day through the unsettling memories of her doctor!
  • Lidia properly joins the adventure! She is Daniel’s guardian angel and responsible for helping him overcome his alcoholism. Her selfless drive pushes her to help Daniel once again, this time with a different kind of problem.
  • Witness the conclusion of your favorite characters and greet unexpected guests from the past. Their survival depends on your final actions in the story!
  • A bone-chilling epilogue that changes everything. Song of Horror's last verse holds the final key to the story. How and why are The Presence and The Song connected? Will The Presence prevail over your characters?
The launch of Episode 5 comes a little later than had been anticipated, with Protocol Games stressing that the extra time is being used to ensure the final episode meets the standard both of the previous four chapters, and of the original vision those behind Song of Horror had back in 2014.

As indicated, however, as a sweetener, the studio can also today confirm it has been working on substantial changes to Episode 4, the fruits of which will roll out on Steam tomorrow.

Included in the update to Episode 4 will be: -
  • More than 15 new events: unique scares, unexpected encounters, haunting sequences.
  • An original collectible: The Tarot Deck. Find five fate-altering cards to help you resist The Presence!
  • Deeper colour scheme: both the interiors and exteriors of St. Cecilia are now visually enhanced.
  • Improved sound ambient: events, animations, and scenes display better sounding effects.
  • Polished animations during scenes: we made some adjustments to characters to enhance the overall look of the cinematic moments.