Adult Swim Games makes it official.
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

The last the gaming world saw of Samurai Jack was in 2004's release of Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku for the PlayStation 2. The game was based off of the old Cartoon Network animated show called, appropriately enough, Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack was a TV show that follows around a Japanese samurai known only as "Jack." From the get-go, Jack nearly took out a big, bad evil called Aku by using his magic katana. However, he fell short of his goal when he was shot forward in time into a dystopian future that just happens to be ruled by the same Aku that he tried to kill. Anyway, the show had a lot of action, a nice blend of humor, and had a decent fanbase. The show ran for four seasons initially and then came back in 2017 for a fifth season on Adult Swim.

It's been pretty quiet since then until today.

Adult Swim Games officially announced that they are working on a new action platformer Samurai Jack game. It's called Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time and will be released in the Summer of 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The script for the game was created by the head writer on the animated series Darrick Bachman.

Store pages are already live on both Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

The game is set "immediately before Samurai Jack's ultimate confrontation with his arch-nemesis Aku." Battle Through Time is being billed as the "untold final adventure" for Samurai Jack. Those who are braving the general public at PAX East will get additional information at the Adult Swim Games panel. This panel will feature Samurai Jack creator, Genndy Tartakovsky and head writer Darrick Bachman. They will be at the Dragonfly Theatre on Friday, February 28 at 1:30PM (ET). Fans can also attend the Adult Swim party on Saturday, February 29 at The Grand Boston.

The announcement trailer can be seen below. There are also some screenshots and the game's gorgeous key art visual. The key art has been shrunk down a bit so that it could be uploaded here, which is a shame because it looks awesome in full resolution.

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Trapped by Aku in an alternate timeline, Samurai Jack must team up with his closest friends and allies against some of the series’ most notorious villains to fulfill his destiny once and for all.
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is made for fans of Samurai Jack and action games alike, with classic combat and gameplay, stylized 3D art design, and the series' renowned blend of humor and drama. Slice and dice your enemies with over a dozen unique melee and ranged weapons, unlock new skills, combos and abilities, and traverse the fantastic world of the show to help Jack get home.