Windows Server 2016 is one of the latest WS systems to be introduced by Microsoft. Being skilled in any of its functions will imply that you have up-to-date skills that will be useful in running the required functions. Gaining any expert skills in the IT field can be challenging. Sometimes it may seem like it is an impossible venture altogether. The good news is that with the Microsoft 70-742 exam, you no longer need to struggle in making your dream come true. The Identity with Windows Server 2016 certification test is directed at those individuals who would like to learn how to perform management of identities using the Windows Server 2016 functionalities.

This article is meant to guide you through this important Microsoft exam. You are going to know what it takes to pass the test and what you are going to achieve by doing that.

Exam Details and Skills Measured
This Exam-labs.com is the last required exam for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The first and the second tests are Microsoft 70-740 and Microsoft 70-741. The 70-742 exam has about 40-60 questions that can be of any possible format suggested by Microsoft. They can be of the following types: drag and drop, case studies, multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, active screen, review screen, best answer, and hot area. The duration of the test is 120 minutes, and you have to get 700 points out of 1000 possible. If you gain the score that is lower than 700, you will not pass this certification exam. Also, please note that you should pay $165 to take the test.

The Microsoft 70-742 exam helps the candidates master such skills as installation, configuration, management, as well as maintenance of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). They also will gain the skills in the implementation of Group Policy Objects (GPOs). And, of course, you need to learn the following topics to have the required knowledge for the test: installing, configuring, managing, and maintaining AD DS; creating and managing Group Policy; implementing identity federation solutions, AD Certificate Services, and access solutions. More details you can find on the Microsoft website.

Why Should You Pass Microsoft 70-742 Exam?
This is one of the Microsoft exams that the IT professionals are looking forward to. There are good reasons why they do this. Let’s find them out.
  1. Earning a credential from a reputable exam vendor.
    Microsoft has set itself apart as an exam vendor of choice for many professionals. This is attributed to its popularity recognized globally by many organizations. As a leading IT certification vendor, it enables you to earn a certificate that is going to be well-recognized globally.
  2. It’s a demonstration of commitment to hard work.
    Microsoft 70-742 is not easy to pass. Making it through scoring a good grade will make the employers and colleagues know how hardworking you are. The credential you’ve earned will speak for itself.
  3. It enables you to become a competent employee.
    The competent employees are rare to find. With this Microsoft exam, you will gain skills that will help you perform your duties with competence. The kind of preparation involved is enough to make you an employee the employer can rely on. Your recruiter will find it easier giving you tasks they won’t have given you before you passed the 70-742 test. This is because they will have confidence in your abilities the moment they see your qualifications.
  4. It enhances your chances of being hired.
    It is easier to hire someone who can demonstrate their skills through certification. You can earn such job positions as a Network Engineer, a Windows System Engineer, a Windows Server Administrator, and a Windows Application Engineer.
  5. It is a great way to earn a high salary.
    If there is one thing that motivates the employees to work efficiently in their workplaces, then it is the ability to earn a good salary. As a professional capable of working with the Windows Server 2016 functionalities and features, you will be in a good position to earn better. These are rare skills that the employing firms are looking for. According to the Glassdoor platform, the average pay for such certified specialists is $67,203 per year.
  6. It is one step away from becoming MCSE certified.
    It is the final exam to take for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential. If you desire to gain advanced skills, you need to take one more test to achieve the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certificate. The exam actually gives you unlimited options when it comes to advancing your career.

Preparation Options for Microsoft 70-742 Exam
It is important to take your exam prep seriously by studying regularly. Also, ensure to have basic steps to guide you through your study. These steps will be useful in helping you settle down and focus on revising for Microsoft 70-742. The steps involve:
  • Gathering key information for your exam;
  • Finding out what the possible topics for the exam are;
  • Getting the relevant study materials and putting them together for easy access;
  • Ensuring you get an environment conducive enough for your 70-742 exam study;
  • Developing exam study strategies.
As you study, make sure you identify and pick key ideas of the topics. You also need to pay attention to definitions, explanations, theories, comparisons, terms, and more. From these aspects, you can easily learn which areas to place emphasis on. But remember not to neglect any exam objectives or sections of the syllabus.

Another way to thoroughly understand the topics is to take notes during your preparation time. If there is anything that is unclear to you, ensure to jot it down to focus on studying it more. Actively learning for your certification test has also proven to be a reliable strategy. This includes the use of practice tests, which are basically previous exam questions compiled and uploaded online. You can find this type of learning material on the Exam-Labs website. You can easily find a way to train and practice for your Microsoft 70-742. Exam-Labs is also the right place to get video tutorials and brain dumps to help you study.

Setting a goal and attaining it can be both encouraging and self-satisfying. Knowing that you have mastered the skills and knowledge that enabled you to pass the Microsoft 70-742 exam can be such an exciting experience. It is even more exciting when you get hold of the credential you’ve always wanted to earn. Beginning your certification journey and following all the way will benefit you greatly.