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Online gambling becomes more and more popular day after day and one website,, attempts to provide their lovely customers with the uudet casinot or in English newest casinos. According to the latest trends the latest innovation in the online casino industry are no account casinos, which we'll explain in more detail below, but also the so-called gamification is still a strong trend. The first one means that one can play in the casino without registration - no accounts anymore. One can play, do the withdrawals and deposits using their bank account information. While the second one is a "gambling" casino experience where the player can take advantage of his or her own activity.

New gambling websites are known for their better mobile functionality and better live casino games. These improvements have become so commonplace in recent years and now they are already standard on the best online casinos. But where does the direction go next?

Taking all these matters into account, it is still difficult to say what the online casino will look like in 5 years, for example. However, it is clear that changes are imminent as new equipment or technology becomes available to players. Virtual reality, at least, hasn't been there yet, but the next few years are showing how it will finally turn out. In the meantime, sign up for as many new online casinos as you want - you never know which one will take the first steps in introducing new technology.

Social media and other marketing channels

It is known that social media are running the world nowadays. Today, marketing is far more diverse than just radio and television commercials, but social networks are spinning the world. Instead, online casinos usually use other marketing channels such as great casino bonuses, social media, and various promotions. They are almost free ways for casinos to get players to return to the site more actively. For players, they offer the opportunity to improve their own odds of winning or to seek a special prize, such as a luxury international trip.

Finnish casinos cannot promote their services in Finland as freely as in many other countries. That is why they are investing in these less traditional marketing methods in particular. Many new Finnish casinos even base their entire marketing efforts on the strong Finnish visibility. There is a risk to this approach, but it is accessible for smaller casino companies at the price level.

Social media marketing in online casinos in Finland focuses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, most casinos run their own account, where they present various promotions and share the latest news in gambling world. It is very common to receive free spins as a reward for likes, comments, and answers to quizzes. There are also bigger campaigns where one can win bigger prizes. In the case of marketing, only the sky is the limit, and the casino marketing department can stretch its creativity to the extreme.

Instagram and Twitter offer a little different marketing as not all online casinos invest in them. Some of the most popular Finnish casinos have an active Twitter or Instagram account. However, it is not difficult to predict that, if the law allows, new online casinos in 2020 and further will also appear more strongly in these services.

Already, Instagram and Twitter have gained surprising popularity in domestic celebrity casino ads. Many TV entertainers have been seen promoting Finnish online casinos, usually accompanied by a game image. The lawfulness of operations under the Marketing Act has raised questions, but at least for the time being some online casinos are also trying to reach the Finnish market through this.

How to choose a good new casino taking into account its profile in social media?

As you have got to know great amount of modern casinos have their accounts in social networks and in most cases the profiles are official and approved. But nonetheless before one makes their first deposit it is strongly advised to check the information about the casino.

A clear Finnish-language website and domestic customer service are important factors that increase the security and reliability of the gaming site. Although we Finns are multilingual people, the best way to ensure that the rules are understandable and that the bonus terms and conditions are easily resolved is to get help in their native language.

Money transfer methods suitable for Finns as well as fast-moving money transactions are also key features of a high-quality recently released service provider. And last but not the least is casino’s safety confirmed by the authorities. The best choice is when casino has a European license such as Danish, Swedish, Malta or Estonian one, as Finland doesn’t have own license so far. European licenses guarantee that the website is real and reliable, as well as the fact that withdrawals are tax free.