What is a no deposit casino and does this concept even makes sense? Why would a casino allow you to play without making a deposit?

Read on further to find out why many online casinos allow players to receive a bonus before they even deposit funds into their accounts.

Why Do Online Casinos Provide Bonuses?
Bonuses are not unique to online casinos. Even land-based casinos offer certain perks, often called “comps.” In Vegas & Atlantic City casinos, these can include free alcohol and other beverages, food, hotel rooms and tickets to shows.

Casinos do this to attract new customers – after all, people need some extra incentive beyond gambling to travel thousands to miles to these cities. But online casinos don’t have this issue, as they can be accessed right from your home, office or pretty much anywhere for that matter.

So why would they want to offer bonuses? The answer can be explained in just one word - competition. Unlike Vegas casinos, there are several hundred online casinos vying for a player’s attention. They are relatively cheap to get started, and dozens of new casinos are added each year to the industry.

Most online casinos offer similar games, themes and playing options. It is hard to stand out from the crowd. In order to grab attention, online casinos need to provide bonuses in the form of cash or free play thereby attracting and retaining their paying customers.

Why is a No Deposit Bonus Unique?
When you receive a welcome bonus, you need to deposit funds into your casino account and once the casino receives your funds, it will usually unlock the bonus.

No deposit bonuses are unique because they do away with the deposit requirement altogether. Instead, the bonus is activated when you perform specific actions at the casino, such as creating a new account.

How Does a No Deposit Bonus Work?
Any casino that offers a no deposit bonus can be called a “no-deposit casino.” These bonuses are almost exclusively aimed at new players - those who don’t yet have a casino account.

More often than not, the amount of no deposit offer is quite small. It could be as low as $5, though we usually see figures close to the $15-20 mark. In some rare instances, it can go as high as $50.

Casinos don’t like giving larger amounts as a no-deposit bonus since it is basically free credits that they are giving away. You can use the money to place bets on select games at the casino. These bets are considered almost identical to real cash bets you place at the casino.

If you win big using these funds, you would be making money using cash given to you by the casino. So they place various restrictions on no deposit bonuses to minimize their losses and ensure that most, if not all, of the cash returns to the casino.

Why New Players Choose No Deposit Bonuses
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So many to choose from but be careful

A no deposit casino has the following killer advantages:
  • The bonus allows you to test the games and service of the casino, at no cost.
  • You can still take home prizes if you follow the wagering requirements.
The free gameplay advantage can be quite important if you are a newbie. At a regular casino, you will be forced to spend at least $10 or more to try out their actual gaming experience.

At a no deposit casino, they are actually paying you to play at their website. If you want to wager some real cash bets at a new casino, you can do so by starting right away without having to deposit.

If you don’t like the games or service at the casino, you can walk away, no strings attached.

The same is not possible at a regular online casino. If you made a deposit at the casino, you cannot withdraw the money right away.

Restrictions and No Deposit Bonuses
No casino will allow you to withdraw no deposit bonus funds - they are only available to you so that you can place a real money bet at the casino. Sometimes, the casino will offer you free spins instead of bonus cash.

This is a much simpler situation. You can use these free spins on your favorite slots. With cash bonuses too, slots are often the best choice. In many instances, the casino will lock you out of other game types.

No deposit bonuses also come with the following conditions:
  • Wagering requirements: You have to wager the sum of the bonus + winnings for x number of times before the casino will allow you to withdraw funds to your account.
  • Max cashout limit: The casino will place a limit on the amount you can withdraw after winning with a no deposit bonus.

Get the Most from your No Deposit Bonus

No deposit casinos are a great option for new players. As long you think of them as a risk-free method of testing out new casinos, you will have fun.

It is only when you start thinking of them as a way to earn cash for free is when things get complicated. Casinos have restrictions in place to prevent exactly this kind of misuse.

So remember to keep things light and simple to get the maximum value out of a no deposit casino!