The slow rollout starts on September 4.
Black Desert Online

A new gameplay mechanic is coming soon to Black Desert Online starting on September 4. The new system is called the "Life Skill Mastery" system. This system will add in a new value to current Life contents. Life Skill Mastery will depend on a character's Life Skill Level.

The higher your Life Skill Level, the higher your Life Skill Mastery will be. That makes sense.

The update adds in Life Skill accessories and Gears that can be used to upgrade your Life Skill Mastery. Three grades of Life Skill items will be added. Depending on what Life Skill Master you hit, productivity can be increased through things like mass processing. Players will also get higher and more valuable rewards through things like Gathering and Fishing.

This feature will be rolled out over "the course of several weeks" starting the week of September 4.

In addition to this news, a new update hit Black Desert Online just today.