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Genesis or Mega Drive

Sega wants to hear your Sega Genesis story. Sega is getting ready for the 30th anniversary of the Genesis and this fall's release of the Genesis Mini. As such, they are asking for fans to share video clips sharing their personal stories and fondest memories of that 16-bit console.

The videos sound like they can be about pretty much anything related to your favorite memories with the Genesis, or the "Mega Drive" for those of you outside North America. Share your story about playing your favorite Genesis title. Maybe a Genesis game led to you creating some awesome cosplay or other art. Maybe you're just really good at saying the iconic "SEGA!" yell. It seems like the sky's the limit with this.

Submissions must be sent in by August 13 in order for your clip to be considered for the compilation video. Sega does have a few important tips for recording your video, including the all important tip of ensuring that you record horizontal video. In fact, that's just a good life tip in general: Stop recording vertical videos on your phone. Just... stop. Stop it.

Check out those tips below. Once you do, get your content ready and send those videos in to Sega's submission page.

What was your first encounter with the SEGA Genesis? Did your parents buy you one after you discovered it in a local toy store ad? Perhaps you saved up all that hard-earned money, working the paper route and mowing lawns, in order to afford one? Or maybe your next-door neighbor was lucky enough to own one and you always found time to visit.

Send your clip by August 13 for a chance to be included in our compilation video! But before you do, we have some tips for recording your video:
  • Camera Setup: Talk directly to the camera, just like you're doing a video chat.
  • Video length: Please keep your video submissions no longer than 1 minute in length.
  • Using your phone: Please hold your phone on its side and record your video horizontally (landscape mode).
  • Lighting: Ideally record during the day, with indirect lighting - avoid drastic face shadows.
  • Sound: Please record in a quiet location and avoid background noise.
  • Clothing: Please avoid logos or complex patterns on your clothing.