Build and run your own golf resort.
Resort Boss: Golf

It may not be SimGolf but it's perhaps the closest thing to it. Resort Boss: Golf is out of Early Access today thanks to the efforts by Excalibur Games and Gus Martin. It's a tycoon management title that allows players to create and operate their own golf resorts.

There is even a scenario editor added that now allows players to create their own challenges. In addition, players can now add in things like a driving range or putting green if building a full course isn't something they feel like doing some days.

Gus Martin says that even though the game is out of Early Access, there is still more content on the way. In the months ahead, he plans to add better AI, new staff members, new objects, enhanced building customization, and more.

Resort Boss: Golf on Steam will normally run you $12.99 (USD), but it's on sale for the launch window for 33% off.

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Post Launch Resort Boss: Golf Roadmap
  • Imminent: Improved golfer AI, golfer social reactions and vending machines
  • September: New staff members and objects and a new resort rating system
  • October: Further building and facility customisation, plus Steam achievements
  • November: Campaign mode and Steam Workshop support
Unleash your inner tycoon and build your golf club from a one-hole course to a 5-star resort. Paint the land with luscious fairways, design world-class golf courses and manage staff to attract VIP golfers from all over the planet.

Realise Your Dream
Every great golfer begins their journey to fame and fortune with a putter in their hand and a dream in their head. You? Your dream is to turn your small golf course from a local attraction into a glittering resort that pulls in the wealthiest and most talented players from across the globe. But can you create the sport’s ultimate destination and make your name as golf’s top tycoon?

Set a Course for Success
Display your design flair and love of golf to craft unique courses with the perfect balance of entertainment and challenge. Lay manicured greens and majestic fairways, plant trees, and carve out treacherous water hazards and sneaky bunkers using intuitive landscaping tools. Then surround your creations with inspiring vistas complete with rolling hills.

Keep Them Coming Back
Entertain your VIPs off the course to keep them coming back. From comfortable clubhouses to five-star accommodation and restaurants to leisure facilities and shops, it's your job to build an environment that will keep your visitors feeling at home -- and spending their money!

Enjoy Your Creation
Confirm you’ve created a course that can draw the biggest and best by trying it out for yourself. A fun gameplay mode lets you carry your clubs onto the fairways and greens you’ve painstakingly placed to find out if they’re as fun to play on as they are to look at. Just remember to steer clear of that pesky bunker off the fourth tee!

Build a Stellar Reputation
Customer ratings will decide whether the name of your resort tops the leaderboard or is lost in the long grass. Ensure its smooth running by keeping an eye on your finances and hiring extra staff. Hosting successful tournaments will keep players out on the course and your creation in their good books. But do you have what it takes to win the coveted five-star rating?