Twitch rule enforcement continues to be a joke.
Dr. Disrespect

Twitch has lifted the suspension on Dr. Disrespect after just two weeks into the already tame one month ban that was initially imposed on the streamer. The ban was initially handed out hours after the two-timer and his camera crew filmed a minor using a public restroom during a live E3 2019 stream.

It was the first day of E3 when multiple thousands of viewers witnessed the incident. Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm was filmed entering a restroom at the LA Convention Center where E3 is held. He walked past a number of attendees that was using the restroom as he searched for an open stall with his usual exaggerated theatrics. In the background of the shot a minor using a urinal could clearly be seen. Though the cameraman left the restroom after the Doc found a stall, he would return to the restroom at least one additional time, again livestreaming and filming people who had their privacy violated.

Ignoring the fact that one of those persons in the livestream is a minor, it's also against the law in California to film people inside public restrooms. There is a reasonable expectation of privacy inside restrooms.

E3 staff quickly revoked Dr. Disrespect and banned him from the event. Twitch staff, on the other hand, took multiple hours to punish the popular streamer. This is despite there being confirmed reports of multiple Twitch staff members being present in Dr. Disrespect's chat at the time of the incident.

Dr. Disrespect did not seem to take his suspension seriously. He joked about the event in an E3 recap video with the description that reads "mishaps lead to recaps." He continued to joke about it on Twitter by posting emotes made of him looking over a bathroom stall door. I would not expect to see any sort of remorse, nor even crocodile tears, or shallow apologies for his behavior during his next livestream.

The ban being lifted led to his fans flooding his chat with praise, resubs, and even donations. Keep in mind that this is happening without Dr. Disrespect having gone back online with a new stream since the ban was lifted. One Twitch user in the Doc's chat even said, "All these others channels shaking in their boots over Doc’s return. The face of Twitch is back...Twitch is lucky."

Twitch once again shows that if you bring in enough money and viewers, you can literally break the law and get away with nothing more than a little slap on the wrist. Good job setting that precedent, Twitch! To their credit, I initially figured that Twitch would only keep him banned for a week at most.

The Doc previously made headlines when he cheated on his wife and then got shot at back in 2018.

(via Kotaku)