Dr. Disrespect announced that he will be returning to streaming on February 5. This comes via a new in-character video posted to his Twitter late last night.

From the looks of the video in the Tweet, Dr. Disrespect and his wife have worked things out. It certainly seems as though she will play a larger role in his streams going forward. Unless... Unless that's one of the women he cheated with. That'd just be extra awkward.

This comes about a month after the "two-timer" admitted to cheating on his wife, as seen in the video below. The doc unceremoniously broke character to deliver the news live to his blindly rabid fans on Twitch.

Said fans are rather elated to hear of the doc's return. However, there are many skeptics out there say that this is all an elaborate ruse to gain even more attention to his channel. But nobody would just pretend to cheat on their wife and then lie to their community with a fake confession in an effort to get people talking. And then they sure wouldn't take a month off and come back in-character without any sort of out-of-character update on the situation, right?

That'd just be an incredibly shitty thing to do.

But maybe that's not quite as shitty as actually cheating on your wife in the first place.

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