You can meet other Fortnite players. Yay?
Fortnite Block Party

Epic Games announced the Fortnite Summer Block Party today. This two-day event will have Fortnite fans coming together to meet various "celebrities" and to meet up with other Fortnite fans. Is that something Fortnite players want to do? PvP games aren't exactly known for having tight-knit communities.

But alas, here we are.

If nothing else, event goers will get to see and maybe even get within 20 feet of people like Ninja, Brendon Urie of Taylor Swift's new ME! video (and Panic! at the Disco), Dillon Francis, KittyPlays, Cray, and Jordan Fisher. All of this intense celebrity viewing action will go down at The Forum in Inglewood, CA from June 15-16. Verified fan registration began today through Ticketmaster.

Ticket prices started at $35. Those in attendance will get to meet more than 20 memorable characters including Peely, Fishstick, and Brite Bomber. Fans will get to "glide on the island's trademark ziplines. They will also get to visit places like the Pirate Ship and Fortnite Mini Golf. Or maybe they would rather just explore in-game food places such as Durr Burger, Pizza Pete's, Sofdeeze Ice Cream Shop, and more.

There will be a Creative tournament on the 15th that finds the celebs "fighting for fame on a new player-made game designed specifically for this event." On the 16th there will be a Celeb Pro-Am, which is a return from the previous event. Wait, there was a previous one of these?