Warcraft GOG

GOG now has even more of Blizzard's older titles available for purchase and download today. Both Warcraft and Warcraft 2 are available through the GOG storefront. This release does include Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal expansions.

The first game can be yours for $5.99. WarCraft 2 can be yours for $9.99. You can get them both in a bundle for $14.99.

GOG says that these releases have been "fully optimized to run out-of-the-box on today's operating systems." Those that pick up Warcraft 2 will actually get two versions of the game. The first includes support for high-resolution displays, full Windows 10 compatibility, and multiplayer via LAN. There is also a "period-appropriate classic version" that includes the game's original SVGA graphics and matchmaking through the old version of Battle.net.

Today's Warcraft releases join another classic Blizzard title on GOG.com. The first Diablo was also recently released with similar improvements on the original release. If you are looking for some Warcraft 3 goodness, you should continue to keep an eye on Warcraft 3: Reforged that Blizzard is currently working on.