Overwatch Contenders

If you've ever been on Twitch for even a small amount of time, you probably have a decent idea of just how downright terrible the chat experience can be. It is especially egregious in larger chats and chats that lack proper moderation, filters, or spam reduction modes enabled. Even then, it's still kind of garbage. Blizzard realizes this and they are apparently taking their own steps to try to make the chat experience a little bit less crap.

The studio announced that they will soon require anybody interested in chatting during various Overwatch matches to tie their Twitch account to their Battle.net account. This will first be tested through a trial program using the Overwatch Contenders matches.

Overwatch Contenders is a semi-pro division of the Overwatch League. They host their own broadcasts on a Twitch channel that is separate from Blizzard's main pro league. It is on this channel that the system will first be tested.

The program will be trialed during 2018 Season 3 quarterfinals matches across all regions, from Dec. 28, 2018, through Jan. 12, 2019. The Path to Pro team then will evaluate the program’s overall effect on creating a more positive viewing experience.

To link your Battle.net and Twitch accounts, log into Twitch, visit https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections, and select the “Connect” option under Blizzard Battle.net. Users who try to chat with unlinked accounts will be met with an automatic reply and prompted to link their accounts.

Follow the official Contenders Twitch channel, and watch the official Path to Pro Twitter for more updates.
It's not particularly clear just how this will do anything. There is speculation that just by the simple act of tying the two accounts together, it will be enough to scare some users into not being jerkoffs in Twitch chat for fear of getting their Battle.net accounts banned. Will Blizzard ban accounts for bad Twitch chat behavior? What is stopping people from just tying their Twitch accounts to a new, blank Battle.net account? There are so many questions here as to how exactly this is going to work.