Red Dead Online gold bar store
I guess the beta for Red Dead Online is "good" enough now that Rockstar felt comfortable opening up their real-money store for the game. Starting today, you can purchase gold bars to fulfill Red Dead Online's second economy. These bars allow you to purchase various in-game items such as horses, outfits, weapon customizations, and more without spending the other in-game currency of "RDO$" or Red Dead Online dollars.

The prices for gold bars begins at $9.99 (USD), which will net you 25 gold bars. However, they do have a special that you can get 25 gold bars for $4.99. Lucky you! Other packages include 55 gold bars, 150 bars, 245 bars, all the way up to 350 gold bars for $99.99.

Keep in mind that you can still purchase gold bars just by playing the game. These purchases are merely a shortcut to what is otherwise a fairly hefty grind. A grind, mind you, that was made quite a bit more bearable in the first update Rockstar released for the game.

Keep in mind that the economy still isn't super great, but it is better than what it used to be. If you want a fancy new gun with even fancier finishes, it's going to cost you either time or some of your money. The choice is yours and yours alone.

(via Kotaku)